The Zannies’ hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan has a thriving and volatile music scene consisting of many different genres, one of the most popular of which is a particular brand of midwestern alternative rock. This is where The Zannies found their footing, and over the past 4 years have reached audiences all across West Michigan performing at venues such as Tip Top Deluxe, Shakespeare's Pub, Founders Brewing, Rockford Brewing, The Blind Pig, The Pyramid Scheme, and The Stache @ The Intersection.

In 2015 The Zannies recorded an EP entitled Wannabe which showcased their ability to write catchy hooks while maintaining the attitude and grit of both classic and cutting-edge rock n’ roll. This album was initially well-received, but over the years that followed the band evolved from a throwback hard rock sound to into a more bluesy, psychedelic group driven by bass grooves and tight instrumentals. In 2017, Live at Knavish Audio was released at Frederick Meijer Gardens as part of the Tuesday Night Summer Concert Series, a story which was covered in Revue Magazine West Michigan. This album mainly contained new material which was then included in the debut LP Espejos. To date, it is the most successful and diverse accomplishment of The Zannies, earning a WYCE Jammie Award nomination and “Under-the-Radar” pick on NPR’s Stateside.

The Zannies have shared the stage with acts such as Lipstick Jodi, The Fever Haze, Desmond Jones, The Legal Immigrants, Conrad Shock & The Noise, Flexadecibel, Earth Radio, and participated in Cowpie Music Festival 2018 alongside Keller Williams, Hyryder, Mungion, Melophobix, and Ultraviolet Hippopotamus.

In 2019, it was announced that The Zannies would be continuing as a three-piece band, allowing them to hone their sound more toward garage and riff-rock. Upcoming songs will feature stronger, snarkier vocals, heavier riffs and fuzzier guitars. The band is currently in the writing stages of a new EP and booking all across Michigan.

Press / Reviews

Grand Rapids’ The Zannies have taken another impressive step forward with “Espejos,” a wondrously muscular carnival of rock ‘n’ roll that’s part alternative, part psychedelic, part raw blues, part rockabilly, part melodic balladry and all lusciously appealing in an “I wonder what’s coming next” sort of way. Spearheaded by bassist and singer Ben Steer – with Eric Satterlee and Peter Slack on guitars and Josh Worsham on drums – The Zannies effectively blur the lines between rock’s various sub-genres, often all within a single track (“110,” “Nevercare,” “Swing and a Miss”). Recorded and mixed by Don Carlisle at Knavish Audio, The Zannies have uncorked one of West Michigan’s most delectable and thoroughly entertaining rock albums of the year.

John Sinkevics,

The Zannies are Josh Worsham on drums, Ben Steer on bass & vocals, and Peter Slack on guitar.







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